80 Year Old Gym Floor Replaced at Hamilton College

Alumni Gym floor image

In late 2019 The Western New York Floor Company replaced the maple gym floor in the Alumni Gym at Hamilton College in Clinton NY.

The existing floor was an anchored sleeper/subfloor system over a concrete slab with terribly uneven surface. The slab was not only uneven with impressions of the sleepers, but there were literally 80 year-old boot prints everywhere. To solve this problem Hamilton chose Robbins Bio-Channel Classic. Bio-Channel Classic uses a steel-encased cushioned sleeper that is pre-drilled to allow the steel to be pinned the slab. It also allows the sleepers to be shimmed at each anchor point so the system will be very level regardless of the condition of the slab surface. And Bio-Channel Classic meets most of the international DIN standards for resilience and safety that are so important to athletic directors today.